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‘Jawan’ actor Kenny Deori Basumatary jokes he can make 45 films in budget of one set in SRK-starrer

‘Jawan’ actor Kenny Deori Basumatary jokes he can make 45 films in budget of one set in SRK-starrer

Source: Facebook

Leh, Oct 1:Recalling shooting for Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan”, Assamese actor-filmmaker Kenny Deori Basumatary quipped he could make 45 films in his “Local Kung Fu” franchise in the budget of one set in the Atlee directorial.

The multihyphenate was speaking at the ‘How to do more with less’ session at The Himalayan Film Festival (THFF) here.

Basumatary, known for directing popular Assamese films such as “Local Kung Fu” series, “Suspended Inspector Boro” and “Local Utpaat”, also joked that he is often tempted to “take away” an expensive camera lens from the sets of other films.

“Sometimes I see the lenses and think let me take this lens of Rs 12 lakh. But then you need the whole kit and think that’s not possible.

“In ‘Jawan’, I heard that the cost of the set for that women’s jail was Rs 45 lakh or something. I can make a whole (film) including its release in Rs 45 lakh,” Basumatary, who played the role of one of the Army commandos in the team of Shah Rukh’s character Vikram Rathore, said.

It’s like shooting 45 “Local Kung Fu” films and giving everyone in the team “momos and noodles” as payment, added the actor-director.

Basumatary’s “Local Utpaat” was screened at THFF on Sunday morning.

The 2022 film is a Kung Fu comedy, which follows the story of the youth in Assam. Peppered with pop culture references, the movie also touches upon themes of corruption in the job market and education.

The idea is to hit the “sweet spot” between making a social commentary and entertainment, the director said.

“The middle ground is a very personal thing. We have to find our own judgment. That do I find that preachy or is this ok with me. So, I feel what will be alright for me, hopefully there will be a significant section of the audience which will feel that this is good enough,” he added.

When making a film, Basumatary said budding filmmakers need to keep at least three factors in mind.

“Firstly, the script should be solid. Secondly, your main characters should want something really bad and you should show the audience how they will achieve it. Lastly, your casting should always be on point. Always audition actors for your films,” he shared.

Basumatary will start working on the third film in his “Local Kung Fu” franchise later this year.

He also hopes to make a superhero film one day. But it will have to wait. “There’s a superhero idea I’ve had with me for three-four years now. But in order to make it I’ll need some more practice and money. The other thing is I don’t like being dictated.

“So, I generally try to make my films with my own money as far as possible. Making a superhero film will require VFX to some extent, time, and know-how. I can think of making a superhero film when I have all three things,” he said.

THFF will come to a close on October 3.

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